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Joining the Security Pool of Creditors

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Prevent total failure

Although your receivables can be secured by a validly agreed retention of title on delivered items, the allocation of items is often difficult in practice, especially if several suppliers have delivered the same items and these have been processed or sold. As a result, this means lower revenues or even a total loss for you as a supplier. To overcome this barrier, the secured creditors join in a security pool and jointly claim the bundled supplier rights.

Strong together

You join forces with other suppliers who share the same interests and objectives as you. Your voting rights in the creditors' meeting are bundled and exercised by the experienced security pool administrator, which results in a high voting weight, giving the suppliers' interests a considerable influence on the decisions in the insolvency proceedings. Of course, we do not prevent you from attending creditors' meetings in person and exercising your voting rights individually if you wish to.

High returns without risk

You bear no risk of costs. Costs are only incurred in the event of a successful pool solution. The costs for the pool procedure are paid out of the pool proceeds and are covered jointly by the pool members who have joined, without you having to "put your money where your mouth is" again. Since the proceeds of a pool solution are usually significantly higher than those of an individual prosecution, the pool is basically self-supporting. Your interests are represented by lawyers who specialise in pool proceedings and have many years of insolvency experience.

Preserving the business relationship

In some cases, the economic difficulties of your business partner can be overcome within the framework of an insolvency ("legal reorganisation"). If such a reorganisation project appears promising and the interests of the suppliers are adequately financially appreciated, we participate in such solutions, for example through deferrals or instalment payments. In this way, you, together with the other pool members, banks and other creditors, make a restructuring contribution to ensure a sustainable and promising continuation of the company. This makes it possible to maintain and preserve partnerships, some of which have lasted for many years, and secures your important business relationships.

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